Urbanika Farms. Electronic farm in Krakow

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The revolution in agriculture has become a fact. As a Spożywo association, we had the opportunity to see it with our own eyes. We personally met two extraordinary entrepreneurs who started vegetable cultivation in Kraków using an innovative method. Maxim Telish and Michael Kotow presented us the agriculture of the future. This is the end of the GMO products we do not want so much on our tables. End of modified crops for herbicide tolerance or contaminated with pesticides.

Farm in the heart of the city

Vertical cultivation of crops or in other words vertical farm, takes place not in fields and fields, but on special shelves. The process of irrigation, lighting, fertilization of plants is fully computerized. All this takes place in a city center building, making the crop take up very little space. Inspiration for the creators of this method were astronauts who, thanks to the efforts of NASA for 2 years, can eat fresh vegetables and fruits even in space.

Photosynthesis without sun

Under the roof, in offices, skyscrapers or even basements, regardless of the weather, in every corner of the world. Plants on a „vertical farm” require less water than traditional crops. Their growth process is independent of the seasons, temperatures, precipitation and natural disasters. Fresh sprouts in the middle of winter? No problem. In the same way you can get young lettuce, spinach, tomatoes. Plants under led lamps grow faster, environment is sterile, need no soil, and at the same time are wholly natural all year round.


Modern ecology

In Urbanika Farms the plants grow in sterile conditions. A special blend of air promotes growth and water is enriched with bio-fertilizer. These methods allow you to get a product of the highest quality, fully natural. The advantage of vertical farms over traditional farming practices is undoubtedly that plants are not exposed to the effects of surrounding crops and environmental factors that can cause pollution.

Melody of the future

The number of people in the world is increasing. We are almost 7.5 billion, and it is predicted that by 2050 the Earth will be home to nearly 10 billion homo sapiens. This entails an increasing need that traditional food production is unable to satisfy. We are still working on new methods, we produce more than we are able to eat, but not the quantity is a problem but the quality of food. Chemical crop protection chemicals increase environmental intoxication and genetic modifications (GMOs): We say „no” to turn towards this kind of food.

How does it taste?

On our own … tongues we found that sprouts grown in Urbaniaka Farms are simply delicious. They have a superior taste and are characterized by exceptional freshness. One of the most important principles of the company is to deliver products to the recipient as soon as possible after harvesting, straight from the „field”. Thanks to vertical farm, it is easier to find a supplier of fresh plants in the city center, as the chefs of several restaurants in Krakow, Warsaw and Wrocław have already found out.


(pic: Michelin star chef from Milano Felice Lo Basso is working some Urbanika Farms microgreens into one of his masterpiece dishes during „4 hands dinner” at Studio Qulinarne)

Locality at its best

One of the goals of Spożywo is to support local agriculture. The founders of Urbaniak Farms have a visionary approach to this subject. Thanks to the location of production in the city, they reduce the amount of “Food Miles”, which is the distance they have to overcome products before they are on our plates. Perhaps you have come across ecological lettuce from Spain or Italian bio tomatoes. Transporting these vegetables to Poland consumes enormous amounts of energy, so we strongly support such projects as the Cracow Vertical Farm.

Soon we will inform you where you can eat or buy urbanica microgreens in Cracow!

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